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      Gleim CPA Review Our complete CPA Exam Scheduling Tips


      Are there any choices that you know for a fact cannot be the right answer? If you can narrow your choices down to 2 possible answers, go ahead and choose the best of those 2 and move on. This 50/50 approach will prevent these difficult questions from stealing more of your time; time that will be needed to correctly answer other questions. Most people know that with experience and practice comes confidence. Whether it’s competing in sports, taking an exam, or going in for a job interview, you need to know what your goals are. Having a plan will give you the confidence you need to succeed.

      • When you choose UWorld Roger for your CPA review course, you can expect to get over 120 hours of entertaining and informative video lectures.
      • And the job market and demand for accountants vary between regions.
      • Be sure to take your preparation seriously and commit enough time to ensure you are completely ready to take and pass the exam.
      • You’d be surprised how much helping others revitalizes your outlook and emotional well-being.

      The answers to these questions will help you create a strategic exam schedule that will better set you up for success. The CPA Exam is a rigorous test and requires a serious commitment. However, like all tests, the amount of time you dedicate to studying for each section of the exam will depend upon your own knowledge, experience and test-taking abilities. Some things that can impact how long you’ll need to study are your educational background, how long you’ve been out of college, how much you know about accounting, and your work experience. News of the additional time to pass the CPA exam spread like wildfire on LinkedIn yesterday, with many people praising NASBA for the rule change. Over a 60-day comment period leading up to the adoption of the new rule, more than 850 respondents provided input to an exposure draft issued by NASBA’s Uniform Accountancy Act Committee.

      How to Study More Efficiently for the CPA Exam

      Yes, all of Surgent’s course features and CPA study materials are compatible with most smartphones and tablets. The only electronics that don’t support Surgent’s software are Kindle Fire, Nook Tablets, and E-Readers. Their course comes with UNLIMITED access, so you’ll never have to worry about the materials expiring until you have successfully passed. You’ll find that Surgent’s CPA course is extremely easy to navigate through, and you’ll be cruising in and out of lessons with ease thanks to the revamped dashboard design that Surgent created. This is something with which other courses struggle, so it’s great to see one course put a lot of money and effort into making the prep program easy to use and intuitive. Because it covers so much ground in one area you should expect to spend the most time studying for this section.

      pass cpa exam in 3 months

      Also being one of the more difficult sections of the CPA exam, the Regulations, or REG, part covers past and present tax codes for both personal uses as well as businesses. If you answered yes to these questions than give yourself an “A” or “4 stars” or something positive to track your daily success. If not, figure out what was holding you back and move on.

      How to Pass the CPA Exam in 20 Days

      Practice exams are invaluable to the process because they train you to enter a concentrated state of answering questions, so that come exam day, you’re very familiar with feeling and mindset. On CPA exam day, you will be in a room with others, but everyone will be quiet and focused. Aside from the one or two people asking to use the restroom, or the person that is annoying you when they clear their throat, you really just have your own thoughts to take you in or out of focus. Stay concentrated the entire exam; do not let your concentration wane at all. If you become distracted, reset and change your posture, stretch, or take a deep breath and continue on.

      pass cpa exam in 3 months

      The CPA Exam Guy website was created to help you find a CPA review course that not only covers all the important information, but also the one that best fits your personal learning style. I also hook you up with HUGE discounts, so make sure you check out my promo codes below. The Financial Accounting and Reporting, or FAR, CPA exam will be one of the most difficult sections of the exam due to the broad number of topics covered in this section of the exam.

      How Bryce Passed His CPA Exams with Shorter Study Sessions

      This gives you the opportunity to choose a date that best aligns with your study plan and other commitments. I dedicated my last two weeks on the BEC CPA exam section, treating it like a sprint. Rather than noting concepts, I spent most of my time working on multiple choice and free response prompts to best prepare for the “mile-wide, inch-deep” BEC questions. On test day, I was very confident in my multiple choice questions and concept simulations, but I felt unsure on how the computer would grade my essays.

      Considerable effort and time needs to be spent daily for any meaningful preparation. There are some people who manage to pass the exam in 2 or 3 months, which is usually not feasible for most people. After all, there is a reason why AICPA has chosen an 18-month window. Following the maximum suggestions of the above schedule, along with a 2 week break between slots, it should take about 33 weeks, or around 8 months to pass.

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      So then I go into the practice questions and I’m still just obviously completely lost. I still kind of had the mindset of what most people’s mindset is about questions, pass cpa exam in 3 months where the questions you just you’re kind of conditioned from college to view. With Surgent CPA Review, passing the entire CPA Exam in three months is achievable.

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